Internal Wellness Center
Liz Marcano-Pucillo
Certified by the International Association of
Colon Hydrotherapists.  ( I-ACT
Liz   became   a   certified   Colon   Hydrotherapist   after   a   successful   career   in   the banking    and    real    estate    management    industries.    She    has    held    multiple management    and    leadership    positions    in    these    industries.    Liz’s    interest    in Colon   Hydrotherapy   started   22   years   ago   due   to   her   own   medical   necessity.   She pursued   the   field   first   as   a   client   and   then,   based   on   successful   results   from treatment,   became   more   interested   in   pursuing   it   as   a   therapist.   As   she   became more   passionate   about   this   new   field,   it   became   clear   that   this   would   become her    personal    and    professional    focus.    She    then    pursued    and    achieved    her certification and started her practice in 2008. Liz    believes    in    treating    the    person    as    a    whole    and    believes    that    Colon Hydrotherapy   can   be   one   step   in   a   holistic   process   of   managing   ones   health and   well   being.   She   has   often   identified   resources   and   holistic   alternatives   for her   clients   that   have   other   needs   which   often   come   to   light   during   the   process of   providing   colon   hydrotherapy.   It   is   this   connection   between   colon   health   and overall well being that drives Liz and her practice methods. Liz   ensures   that   each   client   is   treated   with   dignity   and   respect   in   a   setting   that is   private   and   encourages   self   reflection.   Through   a   series   of   sessions   Liz   is able   to   help   clients   develop   and   implement   their   own   path   to   wellness   using colon hydrotherapy as one of many strategies that leads to positive outcomes.
Colon Hydrotherapy
Liz is wonderful. I was slightly anxious about this procedure but she made me feel so comfortable that I actually enjoyed it! Liz is extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. I will be back!