Internal Wellness Center
Internal Wellness Center
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Maria Meidanis, LMHC, CAGS
Maria puts a new spin on therapeutic services; integrating a holistic, integrative, spiritual and individualized approach to treatment.
Maria specializes in helping individuals, couples and families overcome past hurts. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Maria is also certified in Neuro-linguistic-programming,Reiki 1, Motivational Interviewing and Yoga. Maria may also integrate yoga into her therapy as a means to enhance the mind-body connection.
Maria is passionate about helping her client's access and strengthen their intuition limit anxiety, depression and stress, hone into their internal intelligence and use more of their potential to overcome challenges related to addiction, trauma, eating disorders, depression and relationships. Through brain-resetting (changing the beliefs that inhibit the desired outcome), Maria can assist her clients in changing the reactionary patterns which influence the way one experiences reality-changing limiting patterns into empowering patterns.
Types of Therapy offered:
Traditional talk therapy:
Motivational Interviewing (MI):
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT):
Psychoanalytic Processing (finding the cause and transforming it):
Neuro-linguistic-programming (NLP):
Transcendental, Solution Focused Techniques (SFT):